Its torture…

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I love her so fucking much…. Its torture being around her though.. I want to be with her but i know it wont happen. I get my hopes up everytime i see her, everytime we hug. When she says i love you i eish she meant it how i did. I hate not being with her and its tearing me apart… I want her to say i love you to me and mean it like how i do. I dont know what to do. Try to make her like me or just let things play out and see what happens. The love for her is buening inside me and i cant do anything with it.

I feel like all my romanticness is wasted ….



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A little drawing i made last week

School September 10, 2010

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So today was Friday and it wasnt that bad… Sign language: boring. English: finally didnt get an F on a test. Wooh…. Math: easy and boring. Drew a little bit actually. Stagecraft: kinda fun but had to life some shit. O an we sang an shit. Funny. Biology: boring… HOPE/PE: boring. Lunch was the best part. Hung out with her. She kept huggin me caus i was sayin she hated me and she kept sayin how she loved me. She was restin her head on my shoulder. It was stupid. It felt like something i knew it definitely wasnt…

She knows now

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Now she knows i love her.


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Music is practically my life. My favorite band is Green Day but i like Linkin Park and Eminem a good amount too. I base alot of things in my life off of Green Day. This blog is vased off a song of theirs. Jesus of Suburbia is my favorite song. If you havent heard it you should. Dont just listen to it but pay attention to the lyrics. Theyre pretty fucking good.

This is for me not for you

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I decided to make this blog for me, not for whoever may or may not be reading this right now. If i get alot of viewers, great im famous thats cool. I dont care. Id rather not so that the people i know and talk about in here wont find out about it. If you decide to read my stuff thats great. Have fun…