Im Over Her

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Im over the girl. I met this girl named bianca 2 nights ago. Shes beautiful and has a great personallity! Kksowpwpdjowpdisowjwispxnnbfgueieutt thats all u need to kno for now!



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Sometimes randomly ill start to feel really mad and want to scream for no reason. I feel like i wanna jump up and runaway or kill myself or do something completely insane that ill regret. I feel like its cause of her…

I Wish She Had Feelings For Me

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I really wish she had the same feelings for me as i do for her. Its driving me even more insane than i already am!

A Thousand Suns Review

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Heres a review of Linkin Park’s new album A Thousand Suns. Mike Shinoda tweeted it and i just had to see it. It sounds fantastic.

This week:

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So this week Halo Reach and Linkin Parks new album A Thousand Suns is coming out. Exciting!

The only thing better than Her and Green Day

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O wait ther isnt anything better than Her and Green Day… Well i guess shes better than Green Day but nothings better than both of them.

Fuck you…

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So the other day my friend told me his parents were gonna be outta town for a few days. Us being in highschool i figured he might as well have a party. He said no. Tonight i found out he got a bunch of seniors and had a party at his house and didnt invite me. So instead of going to a party i get to bowl with my dad and his friends. Fuck you Alex.